Keeping the Toy Boxes Stocked

During the holidays most people find themselves wanting to donate their time or money to charities.  They are eager to do good and feel the spirit of giving.  The toy collection bins are full at malls, toy drives and fundraisers are happening all over town and you see pictures of kids receiving items you’ve donated during December.  Have you thought about the kids that happen to be at the hospitals during the warmer months?

So far in 2018 at the Valvano Day Hospital (outpatient clinic inside Duke Children’s Hospital) has already served over 6,000 children as of May 9th.  That is a lot of kids in and out each day…lots of first day of treatment, scary times, birthdays, spring holidays and end of treatment days for the 6,000 + kids that have been seen already this year.  Keep in mind this is 6,000 kids on 1 floor of Duke Children’s and that is the pediatric hematology-oncology as outpatient only.

We are working on gathering the numbers for the entire outpatient hospital as well as the inpatient side so a full picture can be created for our supporters.   However, in the meantime we want you to keep these figures in your mind and remember that kids are sick all year round so our work is all year round.  We don’t stop when the holidays are over – that’s when the real work begins!

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